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Thanks to its great usability, portability, and reliability, RION's viscometer VT-06 has been gaining good reputations from various industries, all over the world.


1. Food Industry

Thickness or tenacity is an essential component for foods such as soup, sauce, paste, and oils. To control these characteristics will directly contribute to maintain the quality of the final product. As food viscosity shall be strongly  affected by its temperature, understanding coherence of viscosity and temperature for each product is also important.

Examples: Tomato paste, Condensed soup, Curry, Fresh juice Smoothie, Olive oil, Chocolate, Creme


 Manufacturing soup
Paint cans

2. Paint

Today, it seems impossible to find something that is not painted. Not just coloring, paint has important tasks of adding protecting function. As painting has been playing important part of manufacturing, quality of the paint is strictly controlled. If you use inadequate paint product, it may have some problem; it is not easy to apply, it will not sufficient performance.

3. Chemicals

With its wide measurement range, the VT-06 can be applicable to chemical industries. It can measure grease, oil, adhesive, resin, detergent, and so on. VT-06 is very easy to carry and you can instantly start the measurement, so you can do the measurement wherever viscosity matters. 

Examples: Engine oil, Lubrication grease, Adhesive, Resin, Detergent, Gum, Cement