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RION CO., LTD. is a precision equipment manufacturer located in Tokyo. We are listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the highest level in Japan.

We are developing three divisions.

  1. Environmental measurement instrument, which handles instrument that measures and analyzes sound and vibration.
  2. Medical equipment, which handles hearing aids and audiological equipment for otolaryngology.
  3. Particle counter, which measures the cleanliness of manufacturing area for semiconductors and pharmaceuticals.

We boast a high market share in all of our businesses in Japan due to our high technological and service capabilities.

We have a variety of customers: government offices, research institutes, production lines and research and development departments of various manufacturing industries, individual customers etc. RION CO., LTD. has eight group companies (five domestic and three overseas) and sales offices in the United States, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, as well as a distributor network in approximately 60 countries around the world.


Why RION manufacture viscometer

Viscometer VT-04
<Analog type viscometer “VT-04F”>

The history of RION's viscometers began with vibration meter technology. In 1956, he developed a viscometer using the vibration method. However, the advanced vibrometer viscometer was difficult to handle, and mass production was not possible.

Around the same time, we also developed various viscometers, including the Complete viscometer, Double cone viscometer, and Weissenberg rheometer. However, all of them were difficult to operate, delicate, and expensive, so we struggled to meet the needs of easy use at production sites.

After repeated research, we finally succeeded in developing an innovative viscometer that is easy to handle, robust, and inexpensive, based on our original ideas and knowledge and experience gained through the development of rheology equipment. This is a cylindrical rotational viscometer that is the prototype of the current viscometer. In 1960, the company began selling "V-1207".

Subsequently, after repeated improvements, in 1978 we released the low viscosity "VT-03'' and the high viscosity "VT-04.'' In 2013, the digital type "VT-06" was released.

Since their release, all of them have become best-selling products loved by many customers around the world thanks to their ease of use, robustness, and high measurement accuracy.


Corporate Outline

Name  RION CO., LTD.
Head Office 3-20-41 Higashimotomachi, Kokubunji, Tokyo 185-8533, Japan
President & CEO Kiyokatsu Iwahashi
Founded June 21, 1944
Stock Market Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Employees 998 (March 31, 2023/Consolidated)


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