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How to measure

 【Introducing how to use a viscometer】

  1. Hold the viscotester in one hand or mount it to the optional stand (VA-04). Use the level gauge on the unit to verify that the unit is approximately horizontal.
  2. Place the rotor in the center of the cup or beaker and fill in sample fluid so that it comes to about the center of the fluid mark on the rotor.
  3. Hold down the power key until the power is set to on (at least 1 second).
  4. Use the rotor selector key to select the correct rotor number.
  5. Press the START key.
    The indication “RUN” appears on the display and the rotor starts to turn. Hold the unit steady until the viscosity indication has stabilized. When a stable value has been obtained, press the START key again. The rotor stops turning, and the measurement value remains on the display for easy reading.
  6. When measurement is completed, hold down the power key until the power is set to off (at least 1 second).
* About power swing
When the rotor starts to turn, temporary overload may cause a socalled power swing condition where the rotor cannot turn properly. In such a case, the indication “FAIL” is shown on the display, the rotor is stopped, and then started up again.