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Technical Information


Rotor extension
The supplied foldable rotor extension consists of three 30 cm rods joined by rings. The combined length is 90 cm. When wishing to use the extension at a length of 30 cm or 60 cm, open the connector rings with a pair of pliers, remove the desired number of elements, and rejoin the extension rods. Be sure to close the rings fully again, to prevent the extension from getting detached during use.
Attach the end with the male thread to the viscotester and the end with the female thread to the rotor.
Note that both are left-hand (reverse) screw threads, so you must turn the parts counterclockwise to screw them in.
When measuring a fluid with high viscosity, the joint will look as shown in the illustration, but this does not affect the measurement.
The rotor extension rods are made of stainless steel.


Attaching the Rotor
Select a suitable rotor for the viscosity of the sample fluid, and screw the rotor into the rotor mounting shaft.
  • If you do not know the viscosity of the sample fluid, perform measurement using rotors in the following order: No. 2 rotor, No. 1 rotor, No. 3 rotor.
  • Because this is a left-hand (reverse) screw thread, you must turn the rotor counterclockwise to screw it in.
  • Verify that the blue rubber section of the rotor mounting shaft is mounted correctly and that does not touch the case of the unit. Otherwise correct measurement may not be possible.
  • To detach the rotor, hold the blue rubber section of the rotor mounting shaft with your fingers and turn the rotor clockwise.