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About RION

The origin of corporate name "Rion"

Corporate name "Rion" means Ri (comes from the word "rigaku" meaning science) + On (comes from the word "onkyogaku" meaning acoustics). Combined them together, this corporate name expresses the intention and spirit to develop the acoustics and related fields deep-rooted in science furthermore.

The logo symbolizes confidence in the company itself and the quality of its products.
The "R" refers to Rion and the ring around it expresses image of the universe. These elements represent the intention, wishfulness and unlimited possibilities that Rion strives to create safe society, and comfortable environment.
Two kinds of blue as light and shade of blue, which is a traditional color of Rion, are used. Cyan blue ring expresses energies for action, and ultramarine blue "R" expresses intelligence and elegance.

This logo symbolizes the ideals that Rion represents, namely humanity, tenderness and friendliness.
The "R" here resembles a human being full of vitality and spirit. It can also be seen as an "ear" shape, referring to Rion's products and functioning as a concept emblem.
The primary colors of red, green and blue are used to express passion, health & tranquility and Rion, respectively. 

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