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VT-06 Viscometer
Viscometer VT-06
Viscometer VT-06
Viscometer VT-06
Viscometer VT-06
Viscometer VT-06
Viscometer VT-06
Viscometer VT-06
Viscometer VT-06

Viscometer VT-06

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*Free shipping on orders over $1000

With high reputation from various industrial fields, RION viscometer has been developed for more than 50 years. Since the first debut, our viscometer sales record has already hit the 100.000 units. The latest model VT-06 is now available on online shop. You can avoid time-consuming purchase process; we ship our products directly to your office.

 Following characteristics can easily tell you how RION VT-06 is superior to others.

  • Easy -All you need to do is select type of rotor depending on viscosity range and turn on the unit then press start. You can promptly get the readings.
  • Reliable -As the VT-06 adopts rotational method to measure viscosity, it realize simple structure that leads to accuracy and robustness.
  • Affordable -You will find how the VT-06 is cost-friendly once you see the quality of product that is built and tested in Japan with trusted manufacturing system.

 Applications... Viscosity measurement for food, sauce, beverage, paint, petrochemical, adhesive, cement, and so on.

 Measurement Unit... Viscosity value is showed in dPa・s. Please see conversion table on the left images to convert into your preferred measurement unit. 

The product will be shipped by DHL within a week after the order is placed, and will arrive in 3-4 days.

*The warranty period for this product is one and a half years after purchase.

 Included Accessories

Quantity         Description
     1             No.1 rotor (VT-02S04)
     1             No.2 rotor (VT-02S05)
     1             No.3 rotor (VT-01S06)
     1             No.3 cup   (VT-02021)
     1             Extension rod 35.4inch  (VT-02S31)
     4             IEC LR6 (size AA) battery
     1             Instruction Manual
     1             Viscosity measurement guide
     1             Inspection certificate


Product Datasheet (PDF)